De 'Keisnijding' van Hieronymus Bosch

De 'Keisnijding' van Hieronymus Bosch Bekijk groter


Auteur: A.M. Koldeweij

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  • Hieronymus Bosch painted his famous Keisnijding 'at the time of the Chapter of the Golden Fleece in' ​​s-Hertogenbosch in 1481? The Keisnijding Hieronymus Bosch is known of the famous panel in the Prado in Madrid. A solution to the significance of this intriguing painting could not be've given until now and usefull difference the scholars disagree on the date: Arose early or late in the career of the enigmatic painter, or even not at all in his hand? This publication is Additionally Addressed the main idea of the panel and the striking calligraphic inscription in a tradition. Thus it is Demonstrated That Hieronymus Bosch Keisnijding painted under the influence of or in cooperation with the Burgundian court painter Pieter Coustens, who was in the spring of 1481 in connection with the Chapter Meeting of the Order of the Golden Fleece in 's-Hertogenbosch.